Madrid, December 10, 2020. – “We have to protect the Spanish; we have to protect the people of Madrid ”. For this reason, Rocío Monasterio has demanded that the Government draw up a Social Emergency Plan to face the current crisis and help those who need it most. As? Cutting in superfluous political spending to invest in what is truly necessary.

“Make a drastic cut in unproductive spending, advisers, party employees, family members like your friend from Más Madrid -Íñigo Errejón- in the European Council. All those do not have to be here taking resources from the Madrilenians who really need it. Take a walk through the hunger lines or through bank branches at night, where families sleep in cardboard boxes ”, recommended the VOX spokesperson to the president of the Community of Madrid.

“Make social housing as fast as the Zendal hospital; put it up for rent so young people don't have to spend 50% of their savings on housing and have room to start businesses, be self-employed and create wealth. Give aid to companies to get out of ERTEs, offer liquidity to SMEs ”, Monasterio demanded of Ayuso. Where to get the resources? VOX is clear about it: "Reduce councils, general directorates, advisers … If you do not do this, you will not be able to point to Sánchez," lamented the VOX spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly.

"There are only two ways to confront the socialcommunists: activate measures to protect the Spanish or wait for poverty and the social emergency to end this government, but that can take years," Monasterio warned. And he concluded: “They wait for the moments of weakness of the people to jump like hyenas and impose their ideology. VOX will always be committed to facing them, encouraging wealth and protecting families ”.

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