Madrid, December 3, 2020. – “It is very good to talk about zendales and ruffians and to go to the Constitutional Court, but what you have to do is act. And VOX acts ”. For this reason, Rocío Monasterio announced today that she will request a tax cut when negotiating the budgets of the Community of Madrid with the regional government.

Specifically, the GPVOX spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly will demand to reduce the autonomous section of personal income tax, as she has warned in the Plenary of the Assembly this Thursday. “We are going to stop talking and start acting. Let's protect the people of Madrid ”, he sentenced, addressing Díaz Ayuso and offering to help her in her battle against those who attack the Madrid tax system.

Lowering taxes creates wealth and prosperity. And that wealth is generated in Madrid is something that exclusionary nationalists such as Rufián, the king of electoral dumping, cannot bear that allows them to be overrepresented by an electoral law that the PP, when it had an absolute majority, did not modify either, "lamented the spokeswoman for VOX. "Neither are the socialists, who are fiscal predators that only generate equality by impoverishing everyone," added Monasterio.

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