Madrid, November 19, 2020. – The LOMLOE despises merit and effort, penalizes the weakest by attacking Special Education schools and undermines the freedom of parents to choose the best education for their children. But also the gender laws of 2016, approved by the Popular Party, promote the indoctrination of our children.

"You were a precursor in the imposition of the indoctrination of the Celaá Law," Rocío Monasterio reminded Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the plenary session this Thursday, where she invited the rest of the Chamber to play to differentiate one rule from the other. Specifically, he cited the following two paragraphs to show the similarities between the two:

In the processes associated with obtaining and maintaining concerted units, priority will be given to centers that apply the principle of coeducation and do not separate students based on their gender or sexual orientation.

The evaluation of the impact on gender identity will be incorporated in the development of their competences, to guarantee the integration of the principle of equality and non-discrimination based on gender identity. (The prohibition of accessing any type of aid for a period of years is even contemplated if this is breached).

The first corresponds to the Celaá Law and, the second, to one of the laws approved by the PP in 2016. “Gentlemen, you are in the same way. Drop the mantras of the left, stop following their ridiculous gender politics. We women do not need to be dragged to study Science, as Mrs. Calvo says; On this bench there are three women from Sciences whom no one has dragged us down. Nor do we need Minister Duque to go to expert conferences where women are lacking: it is enough for him to apply the PP law and half of those who are self-determine as women, "Monasterio ironically.

Therefore, the VOX spokeswoman reminded the regional government that there is still time to rectify and approve its measures. "Approve the school check and the parental pin, which are the alternative to the Celáa Law because they guarantee equal opportunities and the freedom of parents to choose the education of their children," he concluded.

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