Madrid, December 15, 2020. – Socio-economic aid to face medical and psychological treatments, scholarships for any educational level or rentals of university residences and exceptional bonuses for situations of vulnerability. Those are the compensation that VOX will promote in plenary session this Thursday for the victims of COVID-19, especially for the relatives of the deceased.

"There are many families who have had a very bad time, this Christmas is going to be very hard and we cannot do nothing," explained Rocío Monasterio at the press conference after the Board of Spokespersons. "We are going to promote compensation, financial aid or scholarships for those children who have lost their parents," he continued.

"We also invite you to make a reflection: Can we continue with a negligent government in a country where 70,000 people have died?" Asked the VOX spokeswoman in the Madrid Assembly. "We must demand from the Government of Sánchez and its communist partners civil, criminal and patrimonial liability for their negligent management of the pandemic, just as it is demanded of the board of directors of any company," he replied.

Christmas restrictions

On the other hand, Monastery was concerned about the data on the incidence of Coronavirus that risk "a reappearance in a third wave" and demanded the Government not to continue with "the same failures." “It is essential to detect those infected and for that you have to do tests and tracing. If they do not allow testing in pharmacies, let's put tents in hospital parking lots; if we don't have trackers, let's accept the ones that the Defense Minister offered us, ”he exemplified.

“We are placing all the responsibility for the control of the virus on the citizens. Everything is based on locking ourselves up and stopping economic activity, ”he denounced. “Resources have to be spent on what they have to be spent: testing and tracking. It is a question of political will ”, he concluded.

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