Monitoring committee of the development cooperation council

The president of CEOE Internacional has participated, as acting president of the Monitoring Commission of the Development Cooperation Council, in yesterday's meeting in which the continuity of the working group and resources with the objective of carrying out a process of accompaniment to the reform process of the development cooperation system and study of some areas or nodal points of greater significance of said reform; presentation of the draft Opinion of the Report on Multilateral Cooperation 2018; a review of some points of the work plan of the Monitoring Committee in this exercise and a last block focused on information points of the General Directorate of Sustainable Development Policies.

In this last point, it is worth highlighting a reference to the first meeting on the monitoring platform of the Response Strategy of Spanish cooperation in the face of the crisis generated by COVID-19, a review of the status of bilateral planning – Marcos of Asociación País – and finally, the next voluntary peer review of Spain (peer review) before the OECD in December 2021.

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