"The socialists are still in time to rectify and return to the side of the constitutionalists," says the spokesman of the PP, who wonders what opinion deserves to the socialists of Andalusia, Extremadura or Castilla-La Mancha what they will do their peers in Navarra.

He considers that Navarra "is the test of cotton" of the Socialists and regrets that Sanchez with this option has already chosen "his travel partners".

He affirms that the PP will not facilitate the investiture of Sánchez for “coherence and sense of state” although he points out that it will facilitate, as Pablo Casado has done, state pacts to guarantee stability.

Ensures that "the sole responsible" for a hypothetical repetition of general elections is Pedro Sánchez and warns that the PP "is prepared and charged batteries" for any electoral eventuality. "The PP will be on the street explaining its project to try to reconnect with the center right voter," he says.

Augura that in Madrid there will be "very good news and very soon" for Isabel Díaz Ayuso to become the new president of the Community.

He asks Ábalos to take on more of his responsibilities as a minister by facilitating the mobility of citizens on vacation after transport strikes that criticize the PP. "I would recommend Ábalos to take care of his responsibilities," the PP spokesman said after criticism from the minister.

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