Pablo Montesinos participa en la Escuela de Verano del PP de Málaga

He claims Sánchez that "the Government stop being idle." How is it possible that Sánchez does not have a plan for the outbreaks and that he continues to lag behind the events after what has happened?

Urges Sánchez to give "certainty and confidence" to the autonomous communities with a legal plan b and warns that "many Spaniards are outraged at a Prime Minister who looks the other way."

He assures that today the PP presidents will defend the general interest and will ask for an economic and legal plan before the outbreaks.

He demands Sánchez “transparency and that he defend the equality of all Spaniards” and asks him “what has he agreed to in the dark with Urkullu and why has he not negotiated with him within the framework of the Conference of Presidents”.

He describes the week as "terrifying" in economic terms, according to the EPA and the data known today, of the 18% drop in GDP, and criticizes the fact that the government has not presented a crash plan with measures to strengthen tourism.

Remember that the PP has presented in the Cortes the plan "Let's Activate Spain" and calls on the Government to listen to Pablo Casado and take his outstretched hand to help the tourism sector by prolonging the ERTE and lowering taxes.

He criticized that the Committee of Experts to which Sánchez, Illa and Simón appealed during the confinement to justify their measures was "ghost" because "it did not exist", as they recognized yesterday "thanks to pressure from the PP".

"Is no one going to ask for forgiveness or take political responsibility for so much lies? Enough is enough, that they stop lying to the Spanish ”.

He affirms that the PP "is a house with large and open doors in which practically all of us can fit" and that it is based on the principles of: equality, respect for the Constitution and the defense of national sovereignty and the Head of State.

"Yes and a thousand times yes to the constitutional monarchy and King Don Felipe", he asserts

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