El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos

Ask for the state of alarm to decline and remember that this is not about Madrid but Spain. "The objective is that they do not see this as a political battle, that they do not destroy bridges, that they dialogue, that they return to the path of dialogue and consensus," he underlines

– It calls on Sánchez to make public all the National Security alerts about the Covid from the month of January until before the 8-M demonstrations. “The PP is going to request it in the Congress of Deputies. Let them put black on white ”, he insists

– Remember that the Government looked the other way when the virus was already here and that the EU warned of the consequences of the coronavirus and the Government of Sánchez did not paralyze the 8-M demonstrations

– He demands from Sánchez "a common legal framework for all Spaniards that gives certainty" to the autonomous administrations. "It's been months since Pablo Casado presented an alternative legal plan," he highlights

– “This is not about Madrid, it is about the whole of Spain. We have always said that this is a problem for the whole of Spain, that is why Pablo Casado proposed a legal plan B to give certainty to the CCAA ”, he emphasizes

– Regrets that, while Sánchez talks about dialogue, his ministers attack the Popular Party. "They use everything as a political machine to wear down the PP," he adds.

– Remember that, in the meeting between the president of the Community of Madrid and the president of the Government, Sánchez explained that he was going to help and a few days later he unilaterally imposed the state of alarm when the Madrid data were already improving

– "The president of the CAM had been asking Sánchez for a meeting and measures in Barajas for weeks," she explains.

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