El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos

"We cannot fall into the mistakes of the past", affirms the PP deputy secretary of Communication, who defines Iturgaiz as "the only center-right candidate" in the Basque Country

"Voting Iturgaiz is saying yes to lower taxes, sensible economic policy, concerted education and the freedom of all Basques." "Voting Carlos Iturgaiz is saying yes to the Basque Country, yes to constitutionalism, yes to Spain".

Claim the vote "positive, united and exciting". "You all have to go vote next Sunday because they are decisive elections for the Basque Country and for Spain, we need you," he stressed.

He denounces that neither the Basque Government nor that of Sánchez has lived up to the circumstances in these difficult months and transfers the elders that the PP will always be at their side, defending their interests. "We are never going to leave you behind, not even on the side," he stresses.

He states that the economic circumstances are very complex and requires those responsible for the PNV and the PSOE to tell the truth and stop talking about green shoots. "You have to catch the bull by the horns," he defends.

He defends Casado's shock plan with tax cuts, extension of ERTE and liquidity for companies, as Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom are doing, as opposed to Sánchez's policy that "looks the other way" when the PP offers him agreements in solving the crisis

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