Pablo Montesinos en rueda de prensa

"The Spaniards can compare Casado's outstretched hand, with Sánchez's 'no' to everything that this party raises" stresses the PP deputy secretary of Communication after the interview with the Prime Minister to Corriere della Sera

He explains that the PP will continue to maintain its responsibility as an opposition, proposing state agreements and denouncing what the government is doing wrong.

Complaint that the Executive is not reacting to the "devastating" economic situation that the country is going through

He describes as "very serious events" that the vice president yesterday used La Moncloa to attack the media, "in the face of the silence of three socialist ministers", and criticizes that, instead of responding to whether he received an alleged tip-off from the Prosecutor's Office, he is " charging against the PP and accusing him of twitching ".

"With his silence, Sánchez is endorsing the drift of his vice president and his attacks on the media," says Montesinos, who reproaches the chief executive for not disavowing his vice president.

He asks Fernández Vara and García Page if they believe that insults to the media should be naturalized, as Iglesias advocates.

Remember that the PP has made it clear that it will not be silent and that, sooner or later, Iglesias will have to give explanations about the “Dina case”. "We are going to bring this matter to Congress, we have asked Batet to convene the Permanent Deputation and registered a battery of questions on this subject," he adds.

He ensures that voting for Feijóo is betting on stability, employment and better social services, in the face of a “concoction” of ten parties.

He calls the Galicians to "fill the ballot boxes and that nobody decides for them", because the electoral colleges are going to be safe.

He claims that Itutgaiz was the clear winner of yesterday's debate, because he focused on the real problems of citizens and is the only alternative to Sánchez-Urkullu.

He calls for the vote for the PP + Cs coalition, also for those socialists who are ashamed of the PSOE's agreements with Bildu and for the PNV voters who feel betrayed because their party supports a "radical government".

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