El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos

Regrets that the Government is closer to the radical theses than to the sensible and reasonable policies of the PP

Stresses that raising taxes is not the solution: "We are not going to accept the mantras of La Moncloa"

He asks the Government to "put aside the green shoots and the triumphalism that no one understands, take the bull by the horns, the outstretched hand of the PP and get to work."

He demands that Sánchez abandon sectarianism and return to moderation and to the economic policies of economic reactivation of the PP, such as the extension of the ERTE until the end of the year or the lowering of taxes.

He underlines "the PP's loyalty to the Spanish" and affirms that "we are not going to get up from the Reconstruction Commission, it will not remain for us because the citizens deserve that we reach agreements". "There is a margin until July 20 and we will negotiate until the end," he says.

He denounces "loud and clear and without any ambiguities" that the government's economic policy "is the wrong one" and that, excluding concerted and special education, it is "violating educational freedom".

It highlights the tourism revival measures that the GPP has brought to the Congress Commission in the form of an amendment, which include a super reduced VAT, if necessary, extending the ERTE until the end of the first quarter of 2021 or a reduction in the airport taxes of 25%.

Emphasizes the exemplary work of Juanma Moreno and the Junta de Andalucía who "went to work from the first moment" to minimize the health and economic crisis.

He assures that the Government has not lived up to the circumstances in managing the coronavirus health crisis, his response came late, the health personnel did not have the necessary material and, to this day, we do not know the number of deaths due to COVID.

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