The vice-communications department of the Popular Party, Pablo Montesinos, as "unacceptable" that an autonomous government, instead of standing next to the FCSE, speak of "revenge."

He affirms that the procès sentence demonstrates that the machinery of the State is stronger and constitutes a warning to navigators that our institutions work and that the law is the same for all.

"We tried to break the rules of the game, but the rule of law and institutions work."

He transferred the support of the PP “to the vast majority of Catalans who reject violence and to the FCSE”.

He reiterates that the PP will be next to the Government to make the necessary decisions and that the Law and normality are imposed in Catalonia and adds that it is time to apply the National Security Law.

"For loyalty and sense of state the PP will be next to the Executive and we tell Sanchez to do what he has to do to make the situation normalize."

He warns Sanchez that "to be credible" he has to break up with the separatists in Catalonia and he is concerned that he has a different speech in Madrid.

He emphasizes that the PP “goes out to win the 10N and that they only contemplate that political scenario. "If the Spaniards have something clear, Sanchez is synonymous with blocking and Casado de unbloqueo."

He stressed that the PP raises a proactive discourse focused on the real concerns of citizens and reiterates the commitment that if he wins the elections "government will be formed immediately and there will be a reformist impulse."

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