El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos

  • The Deputy Secretary of Communication of the Popular Party has explained that the opposition work of the PP has been characterized by "denouncing everything that the Government is doing wrong, because it is our responsibility, but also for proposing proposals and State agreements", such as the Plan Let's activate Spain.
  • Vindicates a Popular Party "large door", transversal, "the home of all those who want policies focused on solving the real problems of all Spaniards."
  • It highlights great victories of the Popular Party in these two years such as governing Andalusia or recovering the mayoralties of Madrid and Zaragoza.
  • "When the Popular Party is united, strong and it is the common house that we demand and aspire to, it is better for all Spaniards".
  • He describes as "good news" that an agreement has been reached to deal with the crisis caused by the coronavirus, but he warns that Europe is demanding responsibility and stability from the Government.
  • “The agreement sends a very clear message to Sánchez: reforms, yes; populist policies and measures that generate mistrust, in no case. "
  • He regrets that the Prime Minister did not want to count on the support of Pablo Casado, who in recent days has maintained contacts with European PPE leaders, such as Angela Merkel and Ursula von der Leyen.
  • It calls on the Government to "look no other way" at the outbreaks that have arisen and demands that it coordinate and supervise the actions of the Autonomous Communities.
  • Remember that the PP offered an alternative legal plan to avoid having to return to the state of alarm if there were outbreaks, "but Sánchez has not wanted to negotiate or agree on anything with us," and insists that he will continue to seek an agreement on health matters.

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