El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos

The Deputy Secretary of Communication highlights that the Government "has not given a single paper on the PGE" and ensures that the postulates of the PP and those of Podemos "are incompatible." "We will not support tax increases"

  • He regrets that our country leads the worst economic rankings and denounces that thousands of Spaniards continue without charging ERTE and IMV. "We owe it to them and we are going to exercise a firm and responsible opposition," he asserts
  • Criticizes the inaction, the lack of coordination and explanations by the Government before the start of the school year
  • "The PP is an alternative to a government that lies, that does not measure up to the circumstances and that in the face of citizens' problems looks the other way"
  • It shows its surprise that the same political formations that veto that Podemos give explanations about their alleged illegal financing, now demand it from others

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