El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos


  • It demands Sanchez "to stop this nonsense and to defend the general interest and to be on the side of the institutions, Justice and the Rule of Law" and says that "the Spaniards are worried about what we know from the mouth of members of the Government".
  • He describes this drift as "worrisome" and points out that "it is not normal for Sánchez to consider Torra a valid interlocutor when the JEC says that he is disabled or that the Junqueras reform is attempted so that the ERC leader returns to public life when the Justice He has said he has tried a coup d'etat on democracy. ”

  • "I urge Sanchez to stop, to leave that drift that is placed next to the radicals and those who attack our rule of law and return to the side of legality and constitutionalists."

  • He affirms that "the only thing Torra de Sánchez has to receive is the requirement that he pack his bags and go home because he is disabled and has not represented the Catalan team for a long time."

  • Advances that "the PP will carry out a legal and parliamentary offensive in defense of the interests of all Spaniards, we will not consent to play with national sovereignty."

  • He describes the rise of the SMI as a "real reality bath for Churches, which has been faced with reality" and explains that "the PP respects and supports this agreement as a result of the dialogue between unions and employers."

  • Urges the Government to "open your eyes to the signs of economic slowdown and make reforms to make the economy work" because "negative indicators accumulate."

  • Announces that "the PP will defend the interests of the Canaries and will request the urgent appearance of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to which we demand an immediate and forceful response" on the waters of the Canary Islands. "Enough to look the other way as the Government does," he criticizes.

  • He urges Susana Díaz to assume political responsibilities in the face of the greatest corruption case in history.

  • He affirms that "today the Costa del Sol, Malaga and Andalusia are an island of stability and certainty before a government that does not do its job and looks the other way at the signs of economic slowdown, and that will continue doing the PP where it governs."

  • "If the Government of Sanchez brings instability, those of the PP certainty and stability so that more and more tourists come to Malaga and Andalusia and to Spain," he says.

  • It advances that the deputies for Malaga are going to defend in the Congress of the Deputies “without stridency and without him and you more”, the infrastructures so that the tourism continues being a reference of the economy of the province, like the north access to the Airport, "That is so important and Sanchez has blocked since he is in La Moncloa."

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