Holders of their statements before the media:

  • "Do we want Sanchez to govern or not?" He asks his interlocutors. “In the PP we have it clear: no. That is why we reach out to the center-right. ”
  • Before the call for new elections, Sanchez demands "to tell the truth to the Spanish, to stop tacticism and clarify if it is in the election campaign."
  • He warns that if there are new elections it will be “exclusive responsibility and a personal failure of Pedro Sánchez, but that the PP,“ as a serious and state party ”, is prepared for all scenarios.
  • He urged the presidents of the PSOE and C’s to “break their silence” and force the CPFF call for Sanchez to find a solution.
  • "Spain is not for games, it needs a government at full capacity, that recognizes that the economic situation is bad and that it gets to work."
  • "We will take to Congress and the Senate a request for Sánchez to convene the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council and give a line of credit that allows the CCAA to have funds for public services."
  • Announces that Casado will be this Thursday at the Congress, in the days organized by the PP in reference to “Spain in defense of the common”, in which Rosa Díez, Álvaro Pombo, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo and Alejandro Fernández will participate.
  • Stresses that the priority of the PP "remains the creation of employment and economic growth" and criticizes the Government "look the other way" to the indicators that point to a slowdown in the economy.

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