El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos

The deputy secretary of Communication of the PP urges the second vice president to assume the political responsibilities that he demanded of everyone being in the opposition and leave the Council of Ministers "today": "We demand that he keep his word because his newspaper library is devastating"

He claims to Sánchez that if his vice president does not resign "press the red button" of his dismissal: "Iglesias continues to sit in the Council of Ministers by his exclusive decision, and it is he who ultimately can and must press that red button"

He sees "an insult" that a party that sits in the Council of Ministers deploys the strategy of eroding the institutions by attacking Justice and the rule of law, and that "no leader of the PSOE puts his hands on his head"

He demands that Sánchez speak clearly in his appearance today before the media, do not go around the bush and answer what he thinks is that his vice president's party is involved in an alleged irregular financing and is dedicated to attacking the institutions: and don't go off on a tangent ”, he stresses.

He calls on the Prime Minister to rectify and "go from radicalism to moderation" counting on the PP to seek solutions to the outbreaks with the legal, health and economic Plan proposed by Pablo Casado: "Sánchez is portrayed not counting on the principal opposition party "

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