Pablo Montesinos en rueda de prensa desde Málaga

The deputy secretary of Communication of the PP denounces that the Minister of Health lied in his appearance because in the Interministerial Council held yesterday there was no consensus since the regional presidents who voted against represent more than half of the Spanish.

  • He assures that “we are facing complex and difficult circumstances, of course; but we have to work with institutional loyalty to find solutions, too ”.
  • He wonders if the ministerial order published today in the BOE was previously drawn up since the Government said it would publish it in the next few days, "and the days have turned into hours."
  • “They have been in a great hurry. It might seem that the Government had no intention of reaching a consensus at all with the Community of Madrid ”.
  • It supports the demands of the presidents of the CCAA governed by the PP, "I have also heard it from the communities governed by the PSOE", to set scientific, clear, objective and common criteria for all of Spain.
  • “The confinement of Madrid would mean the ruin not only of the capital and the Community, but of a good part of Spain. The consequences would be catastrophic. We must find alternative solutions and work hand in hand with all the Administrations ”.
  • "The PP is very clear that we have to get out of this by working together, consensually, but we cannot tolerate lying to the population and we are not going to look the other way."

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