Pablo Montesinos en el Programa Talento de NNGG

• “From the PP we want to know the hidden agenda of Sánchez and his separatist partners. What else has Sánchez agreed with Torra? Pardons? Amnesty? Has Puigdemont agreed to return to Spain? Let him speak clearly, do not hide. Let him tell the truth to the Spaniards. How does it justify fulminating a state lawyer for the simple fact that Torra demands it? ”

• “The independentistas request that the state attorney who ratified the accusation of embezzlement be terminated, and Pedro Sánchez obeys,” he adds

• "The reality is that today in Moncloa, Torra is in charge, Junqueras is in charge, the fugitive Puigdemont is in charge, today the protagonist of an independentist coven in France," he says.

• "Junqueras asks to leave prison, and Sanchez goes to work in a third undercover degree," Montesinos said, while asserting that "a negotiator at the Torra table with Sánchez is being prosecuted for the coup attempt, and Nothing has occurred here"

• “Sánchez claudica and the barons of the PSOE are silent. Sanchez breaks the principle of equality among all Spaniards, and socialist barons bow their heads. Is there any leader of the PSOE who defends the Constitution? Any deputy, some senator? Is there anyone left in the PSOE who considers a scandal that Sanchez changes state lawyers because Torra of the order? Is there anyone in the PSOE? ”

• “Today the Popular Party is more necessary than ever. President Casado asked Sánchez to return to moderation and raised important state agreements, but Sánchez does not want anything with the PP, ”he remarks. "He has never wanted it"

• Ensures that “Spaniards should know that we will not allow him to play with Spain. Spain is stronger. ” "In defense of the general interest, we will continue to carry out a legal and parliamentary offensive," adds Montesinos, who states that "when we arrive at the Government, we will revoke all Sanchez's concessions to the independentists."

• “In the face of Sánchez's assignments, there are the PP governments, focused on solving the real problems of the Spaniards. Governments like Fernández Mañueco in Castilla y León, worried and busy looking for solutions to the crisis of our farmers and ranchers ”

• Stresses that Mañueco is acting against depopulation and fighting for Sanchez to return the money he owes to all the Castilian Leon

• Announces that in the PP we will continue our parliamentary offensive on the "scandal of Barajas and in parallel to the performance of Justice." “In each plenary session, in each control session, Ábalos will have to face his contradictions, his lies,” he emphasizes

• In his opinion, "Ábalos has long since he should have submitted his resignation." "It will be remembered by the minister of lies, by the minister that Sánchez used as a shield so as not to explain the scandal in Barajas," he says.

• "The problem for Ábalos, for Marlaska, for Sánchez, is that we will end up knowing the whole truth and that's why Ábalos is nervous." Indicates the vice secretary of communication, while reiterating that "we will be putting him in front of his lies one day yes and another too"

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