Pablo Montesinos y el alcalde de Estepona, José María García Urbano

  • It denounces the threats of the Government to the Autonomous Communities that comply with the Constitution, such as Madrid or Andalusia, to whom Sánchez intends to “burn taxes”, while accepting the pressures of the PNV and yielding to Torra's requests.
  • Alert that in the Bilateral Table with Torra, Sanchez will be accompanied by “half Government of Spain”, which shows that Catalonia will be treated above the rest of the Autonomous Communities.
  • Send a message of confidence in the PP, which will live up to the circumstances and “no matter how much they blackmail us, we will reduce taxes, reduce bureaucracy and guarantee equality” in the Autonomous Communities.
  • He urges Sanchez to “fight” in Brussels and in all international institutions in defense of farmers and ranchers, as the PP did in their governments and asks him to fight for the field “with nails and teeth” and, yes It does, thinking that farmers and ranchers have fair prices, will have the PP next.
  • He affirms that if the center-right formations that we believe in the Constitution and in the equality of the Spaniards go together, Spain and the Constitution will win.
  • Announces a "parliamentary offensive" of the PP for the Government to include in the PGE the drafting of the construction project of a new National Police station in Estepona, since the City Council has ceded the land and has become a demand of the Own agents and neighbors.
  • It urges the central government to include this need in the PGE so that agents of the State Security Forces and Corps can carry out their work, something that reverts for the benefit of all.

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