El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos

• The Deputy Secretary for Communication regrets that "the Government is missing" despite the outbreaks in different parts of the country and asks: "How is it possible that the Executive does not have a clear and concrete response plan?"

• Censorship that it has not called the regional presidents, after the Basque and Galician elections, as promised. "Today there will be many Spaniards who are stupefied, and very concerned, before a Government that neither coordinates, nor directs, nor protects the autonomous communities"

• He assures that Sánchez knows that he has "our outstretched hand to act, to work together" and recalls "that for weeks now Casado has uncovered in Congress a legal plan B, with effective and agile measures, alternative to the state of alarm". In addition, it announces that we have presented an economic decalogue to face the economic consequences of the coronavirus

• Remember that this week the conclusions of the Reconstruction Commission are being voted, and assures that “the Government is still in time to take our outstretched hand and that we reach a sanitary pact, a great Cajal for Health agreement that the citizenship claims us "

• "This party always defends the interests of the Kingdom of Spain in the European Union" and therefore "we are supporting the Government in negotiating the reconstruction funds." "It is what differentiates us from the Socialist Party," he says.

• Stresses that "in Brussels we have always defended the same thing: responsibility, stability and a reform plan" and demands that "the reconstruction fund not be detrimental to CAP aid"

• Values ​​that "the Spanish are endorsing the road map" of Casado. "A big door party, so that everyone can enter, also those disgruntled socialist voters, who censure the government's management and its pact policy," he adds.

• Affirms that the PP articulates "a firm and responsible opposition in defense of the general interest." "Denouncing what the Government is doing wrong and proposing proposals and state agreements", he concludes

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