El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos

"Efficiency and coordination are not achieved with higher positions, the government already has too many and is behind the events", criticizes

The Executive begins to work in August with the PP to agree on a legal plan b, a health pact and an economic shock plan that all citizens demand. "There is not a minute to lose, the PP will always be there," he says.

Announces that his party is going to request the urgent appearance of the Minister of Finance by "dynamiting the municipal consensus" after the "historic attack" by the PSOE on the municipalities

"All municipalities must know that they will have an ally in the PP, we will not leave him alone, we will fight the defense of his savings," he says.

He calls upon the socialist councils to take the side of the PP because "this battle is not going to be political and must be joint in defense of the citizens"

Advances that the PP will demand in Congress the reports on which Health was based to decide which communities went to the de-escalation phase

He criticizes that the Government of Spain "has passed from the state of alarm to systematically look the other way" and warns about the fact that the Executive does not have a clear plan in the face of contagions that spread throughout the country

He criticized that Sánchez "only went to the Conference of Presidents to have his picture taken" and attributes that for the first time he did not go out to explain the meeting at a press conference to his "bilateral negotiations in the dark" with the PNV

He reproaches the irresponsibility of María Jesús Montero for affirming that the worst of the economic crisis has already passed, when there are so many compatriots on the unemployment lists. "Again the green shoots, again camouflaging reality," he says.

"Spain does not deserve a government that has gone too far, it has to act now", exhorts

Ask the Government to clarify whether it plans to come to the rescue of the European stability plan

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