El vicesecretario de Comunicación del Partido Popular, Pablo Montesinos, es entrevistado en La Hora de la 1

  • “While the president is silent in the face of the Podemos attacks, the Government negotiates with the independentistas, who say that the State is carrying out a repression, and days after Calvo met with Bildu, that party with which Sánchez was not going to speak nothing ", complaint
  • “Yesterday justice was served. When someone breaches the law, a judicial decision is produced and they pay it, ”says the PP Deputy Secretary for Communication on Torra's disqualification, which occurs thanks to the PP's complaint before the JEC
  • It is committed to calling elections in Catalonia, because “the time has come for there to be representatives in its institutions that protect everyone; that its president does not violate the laws, but rather dedicates himself to the real problems of the Spanish; and that the Generalitat is not used as a separatist and radical showcase, but rather that it protects everyone "
  • It requires Podemos to use the same yardstick that it has applied to other formations and focus on its "accused" number three
  • It rejects some PGE that suppose an increase of taxes and the quotas of the self-employed or the freezing of pensions and the salary of public officials
  • It demands that the Government abide by "objective and scientific" criteria in the Covid crisis, as claimed by the Madrid executive, and that it meet "urgently" with the Autonomous Communities to establish common and clear rules for all of Spain
  • He points out that the pandemic is not an exclusive problem of the Community of Madrid but of the nation as a whole and asks the Government why some criteria are valid for the capital, but not for Navarra or the Balearic Islands
  • Urges the Executive to avoid the "political short dribble" and "return to good sense", and advocates "all work together" to solve this crisis
  • He claims to "avoid by all means" the state of alarm due to the "heartbreaking" consequences it has caused, and recalls that months ago Pablo Casado already proposed a legal plan B to give certainty to the CCAA in the legal framework
  • "The Government has not done its homework and has systematically looked the other way," laments Montesinos, referring to the refusal of the Executive to the proposals made by the PP

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