El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos

He criticizes that the government is "sitting idle" in the face of outbreaks, that its president lives in a "parallel world" and that yesterday it did not even apologize for the "ghost expert committee". "We have the worst government in the most difficult circumstances," he says.

He denounces that Sánchez did not disavow his vice president yesterday and affirms that "with his silence he is endorsing the attack of his minister to the Monarchy and to the constitutional system that we have all given ourselves."
He highlights that Pablo Iglesias is vice president because Sánchez has wanted him and, therefore, "there is only one government and Sánchez is ultimately responsible for his action."

He remembers Rajoy's “fluid and constant” dialogue with Rubalcaba “for institutional loyalty” in the abdication of King Juan Carlos I and criticizes that Sánchez has not now counted on the main opposition party. “Sánchez has been portrayed. All is said. Let everyone draw their own conclusions ”.

He assures that the PGE are a "sounding balloon" of the Government and wonders how, being so urgent, nobody knows them.

He affirms that "the Spaniards do know Pablo Casado's economic, legal and health shock plan" and reiterates "the outstretched hand" of the PP to reach great consensus.

He asks the government "a little measure and respect for the Spaniards who are having a really bad time" and recalls that many are on the unemployment lists and others still do not receive the ERTE while the Executive "does not provide solutions." "We cannot go back to green shoots because the situation is very complex," he says.

"Yesterday Sánchez did not speak of any plan in the face of outbreaks that gives confidence to the Autonomous Communities, he said nothing about a health State Pact, nor in economic matters despite the more than 700,000 jobs destroyed," he criticizes.

He highlights "the road map of the PP": an opposition effort denouncing what the government is doing wrong and proposing solutions and proposals such as the plan Let's activate Spain of Casado.

"We are the responsible government alternative and the Spanish are understanding our opposition work as many polls already say," he points out.

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