Holders of their statements before the media:

  • At the end of a month of the General Elections, he believes that Sanchez's road map is clear, that of agreeing with those who want to destroy the unity of Spain, and demands that he leave the gloom, turn his face and say what he is putting PSOE on the table in the negotiation with ERC.
  • He describes it as "very worrying" that the communiqué of the PSOE and ERC, after its negotiation, speaks of "political conflict" and mutual institutional recognition, something that "the hemeroteca de Sánchez does not hold".
  • Ask the socialist president if treating the Generalitat of Catalonia equally is to consider him the same as the governments of France or Germany or to equate Torra with any homologous president of the EU.
  • He questions how many red lines Sanchez is willing to go through to continue in power, after "burning all the ships", and bleaching the separatists, as asked by his "ideologist" Iceta.
  • He regrets that the socialist barons, who have silenced themselves in response, have aligned themselves with Sanchez and think the same as him.
  • He says that the PP will not participate in this “auction of Spain”, will lead the opposition and, in the institutions, “we will defend the Constitution and national sovereignty”, because “the Spain we have built among all will not change Sanchez with the separatists. ”
  • It requires Sanchez to assume political responsibilities after the discovery of three safes with sensitive documentation of the fraudulent ERE scandal, since it is not permissible for him not to show his face and want to air it in a few seconds of public appearance.
  • He also asks Vice President Calvo, who was then in the Chaves y Zarrías Governing Council, "what does this finding have to say", because the Spaniards deserve respect and we will not allow this scandal to be forgotten.
  • Reiterates that the PP is always with the victims of terrorism, as demonstrated by the presence of Pablo Casado in the delivery of an award, an act in which there was no member of the Socialist Government; as well as denouncing the negotiation of the PSOE with Bildu in Navarra or the presence of ETAs in the public university of the Basque Country.
  • Announces that the PP Steering Committee has given the green light to Javier Maroto's proposal to allow Citizens to have their own Parliamentary Group in the Senate, thanks to the assignment of a PP senator: “we give that seat so that Spain is more Live than ever. ”

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