El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos, en rueda de prensa

He hints at the Government that "instead of working to promote tourism, attack it" and affirms that thousands of Spaniards living in this strategic sector yesterday "took their hands to their heads"

He wonders what steps the Sánchez government made before learning that the United Kingdom imposed a quarantine on travelers from Spain and accuses the Executive of not having a clear plan for outbreaks.

Calls on the government to "stop being idle" in the face of the "terrible and crude" data from the EPA and reiterates that the PP has a hand to take measures to revive the economy

Remember that Pablo Casado presented months ago an economic shock plan that includes proposals such as prolonging ERTE in the tourism sector

"It cannot be that the Government goes completely to nothing, from defending the state of alarm tooth and nail to looking the other way before the outbreaks," he says.

He underlines that the current legislation allows both the limitation of movements and the single health command, but reiterates the proposal of Pablo Casado to sit down and negotiate with the Government a clear legal framework for new infections as well as a health status pact, during the month of August

"Here is the PP to take measures to save lives and revive the economy," he stresses

He criticizes Moncloa's "mantra" of accusing the PP of twitching when he denounces that the Government does something wrong and affirms that his training "is due to the Spanish and his obligation is to propose alternatives"

He considers that Tezanos "works under Ferraz and should have resigned long ago" and stresses that the rest of the polls reflect the Spanish support for the Popular Party

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