El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos, atiende a los medios de comunicación

He assures that in any democracy in our environment today the chief executive would tell Torra “to pack up and stop being in charge of the Generalitat” because he is disabled by the Central Electoral Board

Criticizes that, on the contrary, Sanchez will start a bilateral negotiation that means that the Government will treat the Generalitat of Catalonia as the governments of France or Germany. "It is intolerable to put the Generalitat over the Andalusian or Extremaduran government," he says.

Remember that Torra is the "highest representative of the State in Catalonia, but systematically attacks the State at the helm of the Generalitat".

He stressed that the PP "will make a firm opposition in defense of the equality of all Spaniards and in defense of the rule of law."

He affirms that "the PP offers a project of concord to the Spaniards" but explains that "moderation is also to say things loud and clear and explain to the Spaniards that we are facing very serious circumstances."

He criticizes that Sanchez has chosen “the worst for Spain, the radical route and the worst possible partners” and ensures that, against this, the PP will act as a “containment dam” and defend the general interest and the Constitution.

He emphasizes that the PP is going to present motions in autonomous parliaments, deputations and city councils “so that the socialist leaders will be portrayed and say if they are with Sánchez's pacts with the independence parties or with the constitutionalist path”.

He emphasizes that Vara, Page and Lambán left their “empty chair” in the Sanchez investiture debate “because they did not want to prove that the presidential candidate and the socialist bench lowered their heads when their partners attacked the King, the rule of law and the Constitution".

Ask the socialist barons if they believe that a Extremaduran is the same as a Catalan, if they will denounce a bilateralism that breaks the equality of all and if they agree with self-determination.

On the renewal of the CGPJ remember that the PP proposes to return to the previous model so that “the judges elect the judges” and has already presented it in the Senate.

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