Montesinos is confident that today the institutions will not be devalued with oaths "not in accordance with what the Spanish deserve" and criticizes that Batet will not do anything by recording or sending by letter, as the PP has requested, the way in which they have to do as dictated by the TC

"If today we see a shameful spectacle again, we will focus on the irresponsibility of the president of Congress."

He reiterates that the PP's commitment to the formation of the Bureau of Congress is two representatives for the PP, one for Vox and one for Citizens.

"The PP wants to lead the right center and that this is represented in the Mesa" indicates Montesinos, who remembers that since its formation it will not be part of any sanitary cordon.

He warns that if Vox does not accept this approach, he will have to explain his position and why he excludes himself from the Board by assigning a position to the left.

Clarifies that the PP with Citizens is in regional governments and is its preferred partner. "Casado has always said that the PP will carry the spirit of Spain Suma by flag," he adds.

He criticizes that Sánchez has not yet spoken of the ERE ruling, "the greatest case of corruption in the history of Spain" that affects the PSOE.

Remember that today the PSOE meets with the Puigdemont party and with ERC and, in parallel, has reached an agreement with United We "that we know nothing about." "The ball is on Sánchez's roof."

"That is the way that Sanchez has chosen, the radical way and the one that least interests Spain."

Stresses that the PP will exercise a "firm and responsible" opposition, defending the general interest and saying that "Sanchez has already burned all his ships."

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