Holders of their statements before the media:

  • The PP considers a "major scandal and an insult to all Spaniards" that Sanchez continues without showing his face and without assuming political responsibilities a week after the ERE ruling, "a case that directly affects the PSOE."
  • He wonders "what else has to happen for Sanchez to appear and assume political responsibilities", because "who is silent, gives." “The PP will not accept double measuring rods,” he proclaims.
  • Formally requires the PSOE transparency in its negotiations with the separatists and Sanchez to clarify "how many red lines is able to transfer to continue in La Moncloa."
  • "Will you accept the ERC order for a peer-to-peer meeting, as if the Generalitat were the Government of France or Germany?"
  • Ask the barons if they share the “price set” by Sánchez to continue in La Moncloa and if they consider Catalonia to be a nation and Spain a plurinational state.
  • He insists that the PP is the alternative to Sánchez and that the PSOE has "other formulas" of which "other political parties" can be part of the investiture of the socialist candidate.
  • Alert that, if the PSOE is filtering the possibility of new elections, it will be "exclusive responsibility of Sánchez", who "has put us in this mess", has already chosen "fellow travelers" and is "negotiating in the offices with the separatists. "
  • Stresses that the PP will exercise a "firm and responsible opposition, with a sense of state" and will be consistent, thinking in the general interest.
  • "It is already taking time to appear to apologize to Díaz Ayuso," he says in reference to the leaders of MasMadrid after the Avalmadrid Anti-Corruption file.

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