Holders of their statements before the media:

  • Today, our State Security Forces and Bodies, the injured agents and their families, can prove that they are not alone. You can also check that vast majority of Catalans who reject violence and just want to live in peace, ”he says.
  • Stresses that “today we are all Catalonia. Malaga, through the call of Civil Society Malagueña, joins Barcelona and many other cities in Spain in a cry for freedom, for constitutional order and for concord. ”
  • “Yesterday, Barcelona suffered another night of serious independence violence. Yesterday, again, there were several injured agents. We tell Sánchez that it is enough to look the other way and not take action. It is urgently necessary to apply the National Security law so that Torra ceases to be on the cusp of the decision making of the Mossos. We also ask you to send the request to Torra so that it meets its legal and constitutional obligations or adheres to the consequences. ”
  • “I want to send a message of hope. Together we will recover the Olympic Barcelona, ​​the open and cosmopolitan Catalonia where nobody asked where it came from. We are addressing the entire center-right voter, also the dissatisfied socialist voter who does not understand Sanchez's inaction and who rejects that he has not broken up with the separatists in the Diputación de Barcelona and several Catalan municipalities, and we tell them that this is his house "
  • He says that "the PP is the home of all those who want to regain harmony in Catalonia, of all those who want a government that does not shake their legs and puts the general interest of the party."

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