He denounces that after 24 hours of the “photograph of shame” of the PSOE meeting with Bildu, “no socialist leader” has stirred or said enough about such infamy ”

  • He wonders where the barons are "protesting before and now shut up" and summons the Socialists to pronounce on the "opaque" negotiations that are being carried out by their secretary general
  • "You cannot consent that Pedro Sánchez is negotiating with Bildu, the heirs of ETA and with those who want to destroy the Spanish nation"
  • Transfer to disgruntled socialists and all Spaniards who are not alone and that the PP will defend the unity of all Spaniards, our institutions and the Constitution
  • He points out that "the PP will exercise a firm and responsible opposition" and will be "facing the excesses of Sanchez" who has chosen to have Podemos in the Government and agree with those who want to break Spain
  • Criticizes that after the last elections, the PSOE worsened its electoral result, hugged Podemos, no structural reform has been made and "the blockade has been absolute"
  • He describes as “nonsense” that while Pedro Sánchez talks about “normal institutional relationship” with Torra and invites him to La Moncloa, he threatens Andalusia, “a CC. AA loyal ”and low taxes, with an intervention
  • It demands Sanchez to rectify and apologize to the Andalusians because “it is not acceptable to try to torpedo a government that is doing things well for something that the counselor Montero did, which today is her minister”

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