Holders of his intervention:

  • "To act in Catalonia, to move from unemployment to employment, to leave sectarianism and achieve a government that works for the general interest of all Spaniards, I ask you to vote for the PP, because Spain will win."
  • After ensuring that Torra is disabled to continue being the representative of the State in Catalonia, the vice-secretary of Communication of the PP puts the focus on Pedro Sánchez "because he is not up to the occasion and is not doing what he has to do."
  • "Despite Torra's links with the CDRs, Sanchez has refused to activate the National Security Law today" and "it cannot be that he has not already sent the request to Torra."
  • He criticizes the double game of the President of the Government in office when saying blunt things in Madrid, but not breaking with the indepedentists in Catalan institutions. "We ask Sanchez for consistency, and it's already late."
  • "Sanchez looks for another side, does not act against those who want to destroy Spain."
  • It shows that the silence of Sanchez – before the repeated questions of Pablo Casado in the debate last Monday – means that it opens "the doors wide open to agree again with the independentistas".
  • "Does Susana Díaz agree that Sanchez can agree with the indepedentists?"
  • Ensures that the PP project is focused on the real concerns of citizens and, therefore, has acquired the commitment that if Pablo Casado comes to the government, "we will increase the troops, improve the material resources and improve the facilities of our forces and State security forces in the province of Seville ”.

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