The Deputy Secretary of Communication raises the possibility "that Sanchez take a step back," as an alternative to the blockade of Spain, by demonstrating his inability to find the necessary support for his investiture.

“Would the PSOE abstain if the blockade persists and they are unable to reach agreements with their natural allies? Would you refrain if there could be a constitutionalist government led by Pablo Casado? ”He asks.

He stresses that "the person responsible for the political blockade in Spain is Pedro Sánchez" and considers that the failed investiture is a "personal failure" of his.

Responds to Minister Ábalos that "Spain is not for occurrences and jokes", because our country cannot remain paralyzed. "Spain needs a government that makes reforms and gets to work," he added.

He believes that if Sanchez is unable to end the blocking situation and put in place measures to improve the economic situation, he has to take a step back.

He criticizes that the Socialists in Navarra have decided to go with the formula of nationalists, radicals and necessarily with Bildu, instead of betting on the constitutional path offered by Pablo Casado.

He regrets that the PSN, in order to govern the regional community, has used Bildu's abstention, which has already said that he wants to participate actively in the day-to-day life of the Navarrese government.

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