The PP is defined as the party of the peoples and offers a great pact against depopulation

  • Montesinos reaches out to the rest of the parties to reach a great agreement for the development of the interior municipalities and proposes measures in matters of communication, conciliation and agricultural policy.

The Deputy Secretary of Communication of the Popular Party and candidate for the Congress of Deputies, Pablo Montesinos, has reached out today to the rest of political formations to "reach a great pact against depopulation", stating that "it is a question that does not understand political colors, which concerns us all".

This was stated during a visit to Yunquera along with the candidate for Congress by the PP of Malaga Mario Cortés and the mayor of the municipality, José Antonio Víquez, stressing that "the fight against depopulation will be one of the priorities of the Popular Party if we win the elections on November 10," underlining the need to "reach a great agreement, no doubt comparable in importance to the pacts of the Transition".

Montesinos has claimed that "the PP is the party of the Málaga of the peoples and, therefore, puts measures on the table to address this problem," warning that "a new common agricultural policy is urgent, in addition to eliminating bureaucracy for entrepreneurs and guarantee the best internet connection in all municipalities ”.

In this sense, the popular leader has also announced “the approval of housing assistance for young people, while promoting that the educational stage from zero to three years is free, with the aim of making small municipalities more attractive for live and work, thus avoiding depopulation. ”

In the same way, he added, “health services will be reinforced both in priority areas and in rural areas, with special emphasis on coverage for the elderly,” he explained.

"The PP will fight for rural areas, but it must be a battle of all," said Montesinos, at which point he has valued "the example of the Diputación de Málaga and his work in this area, with Francisco Salted to the front ”, emphasizing that“ we have to continue strengthening the connections and the public transport network ”.

“We are the party of all Malaga, the coast and the interior, our peoples; with jewels like Yunquera, in the heart of the Sierra de las Nieves ”, he said during a visit to the Wine Fair and the Chestnut of the municipality, betting on“ promoting the implementation of economic activities in small towns, a fundamental aspect that The Provincial Council is already successful, ”he recalled.

Finally, Montesinos has pointed out that “the fight against depopulation must be undertaken from a transversal perspective”, ensuring that “if the people of Malaga bet on the Popular Party on November 10, if we all go together, the political blockade will be history and will begin the reforms, also in the matter of depopulation ”, has concluded.

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