Holders of their statements before the media:

  • The Deputy Secretary of Communication of the PP calls on Sanchez to tell the truth to the Spaniards, end the "unfortunate spectacle of the left", negotiate the investiture with his natural allies or acknowledge that he wants the call for new general elections.
  • It demands a government "at full capacity" to carry out the structural reforms that Spain needs, and not a functioning Executive, given that the economic indicators place our country in a "quite serious" economic situation.
  • He explains that the initiative presented yesterday by the Popular Group in Congress seeks to reach out to the rest of the political formations to find a solution to the problems of insecurity in Barcelona, ​​and remember that the police unions themselves and a good part of Barcelona's society demand it .
  • It requires the Government "to get to work", do not look for excuses or blackmail the autonomous communities with the money that corresponds to them for the financing of their basic social services.
  • Regarding the management of the Open Arms crisis, he asks Sánchez to “show his face” in the Congress of Deputies, because the Spaniards do not know what the government's immigration policy is.
  • He considers that it is not the time for the political fray, but that the institutions work “side by side” to attend to those affected by the cases of listeriosis and that this situation ends as soon as possible.
  • He assures that Alberto Núñez Feijoo is an example and reference for the PP throughout Spain, and the model of the Xunta de Galicia "is the one we want to extrapolate and take to the Moncloa when Pablo Casado is president of the Government."

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