El vicesecretario de Comunicación del Partido Popular, Pablo Montesinos


  • He denounces that, while the PP extends his hand and offers State agreements, Pedro Sánchez tells Torra that they meet at a table, he proposes a date and, as the Catalan leader did not like it, he changes it: “Torra is the one who commands in that relationship. "
  • He believes that we have all seen how Casado proposed to Sanchez to reach agreements and negotiate budgets, but the socialist president, "delighted to have as partners those who want to destroy national unity and the equality of all Spaniards," accuses us of blocking and twitching.
  • Ask the citizens to compare: "The PP proposes to negotiate and Sanchez attacks the opposition, because it is still installed in the 'is not no' and does not want anything with the constitutionalists, yielding to radicals and independence to continue sleeping in La Moncloa."
  • He describes the Sánchez-Ábalos-Marlaska case as "soap opera that erodes the image of Spain", demands the resignation of the Minister of Transportation and Sánchez's explanations, because he presides over a Government "which lies systematically."
  • He emphasizes that the PP knows how to dialogue and reach agreements, because “it is the glue of the right center”, as it has done in several communities, seeking agreements “always for the benefit of all citizens”.
  • He considers "very advanced" the principle of agreement in the Basque Country to attend the elections with Citizens: "when the right center is united, the radicals and the independentists lose."
  • He assures that the Government that presides over Mañueco in Castilla y León is “that of the duties and things well done”, and he takes it as “an example of a government focused on solving the real problems of citizens looking for solutions”.

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