Pablo Montesinos en rueda de prensa desde Málaga

It requires the Government to explain the real reasons why the King will not be in the delivery of dispatches of the new class of judges in Barcelona.

  • The deputy secretary of Communication of the PP emphasizes that the announcement of the Minister of Justice that the pardons of the independence prisoners would be processed occurs at the headquarters of national sovereignty, without anyone asking Campo and in the middle of the negotiation of the budgets .
  • “Another photograph was produced yesterday. The vice president Calvo met with Bildu, with a formation that, according to Pedro Sánchez, would never, under any circumstances, be in his round of contacts, ”Montesinos denounced, who described the meeting as“ indecent ”.
  • "The King's place is with the judges in Catalonia," said Montesinos, who highlighted the "immense work" they have done and continue to do, and the enormous pressure they have received.
  • “Yesterday we knew that Spain was going into recession, that the Government was meeting with Bildu, that he processed the pardons, that he would not let King Felipe go to Catalonia. And where is Pedro Sánchez? They went to Brussels to a non-existent European Council and without giving a single explanation to public opinion, it is intolerable. We urgently demand that he show his face ”.
  • He calls on Pedro Sánchez to listen to Felipe González and to take a step forward with other historical leaders of the Socialist Party "who have forged consensus and strengthened the Constitution."
  • “Faced with the systematic attacks by Iglesias on the Constitution and the head of state, Pedro Sánchez looks the other way. Iglesias is vice president because Sánchez has decided so. Silence gives consent".
  • He denounces that the Government has not asked the European Union for any help for the tourism sector and asks it "to react, ask for this aid in Brussels and extend the ERTE".

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