El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos

The Deputy Secretary of Communication of the Popular Party highlights that, under the premise set by Pablo Casado of loyalty to the Spanish, the PP will continue to denounce what the Government is doing wrong, but also presenting alternatives and seeking agreements and consensus. "We have to provide solutions and be useful," he added.

In this sense, Montesinos remembers the Plan Let's Activate Spain, which includes sanitary, economic and legal measures, with the sole objective of providing solutions to the serious crisis we are facing, but "the Government does not want to take the outstretched hand of the PP "

Insists on the willingness of the PP to work this August and reach an agreement with the Executive in legal and health matters to give certainty to citizens.

"It is not logical that the government should go from nothing to nothing. The Government was very comfortable with the state of permanent alarm and, once it is over, it washes its hands, crosses its arms and looks the other way before the outbreaks. It is the obligation of the Government of Spain to coordinate, supervise and work closely with the Autonomous Communities. ”

He regrets the images that were seen yesterday in the Congress of Deputies with applause for the President of the Government of the Socialist Bank and his laughter. "What was Sanchez laughing at?" Asks Montesinos, who reminds the head of the Executive of the 45,000 deaths, the bad data from the EPA and the enormous damage that Fernando Simón's statements have done to the tourism sector.

"We are not going to participate in diversionary maneuvers that, in the end, who is going to reinforce it is the PSOE and Pedro Sánchez. We are not going to feed the noise, we are going to continue providing solutions ”, he affirms about the censure motion announced by VOX.

He calls upon the second vice-president of the Government to appear today at a press conference to explain the alleged B box of Podemos denounced by the former lawyer of the formation.

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