Holders of his intervention:

  • He assures that “the Popular Party does not care what the left does, what Mr. Errejón does. Today the Spaniards know that Sanchez, the left is synonymous with political blockade and the PP is synonymous with political unlocking. ”
  • He asks Sánchez to, once and for all, “stop using state institutions for his service and has been trying to blackmail and suffocate the CCAA for weeks, withholding money that is not his and that has an impact on public services.”
  • "What yesterday could not, today in theory, is already feasible," he says while asking "what has been the ghost report used by Minister Montero and the reasons for the Minister saying that you could not pay to the CCAA what is yours?
  • It requires Minister Montero and Sánchez to "apologize, immediately, for playing with the money of all Spanish citizens."
  • "We will not give up our efforts until the last euro of the citizens in the Autonomous Communities goes to the payment of providers, education or health." "We have a firm, coherent and responsible position and that is to have a sense of state," he says.
  • Regarding the surveys, he says that “the PP goes out to the elections to win with a proactive discourse, of illusion, with a focused, moderate message and with a single objective that is the creation of employment”.
  • He affirms that the PP wants to “recover the direction of Spain, with Pablo Casado at the head”.

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