The deputy secretary of Communication recalls that the PP has already demanded Sánchez "to appear at the headquarters of the National Sovereignty to give explanations to all Spaniards."

“The PP is not going to move from the place where the Spaniards have placed it, it is not going to facilitate Mr. Sánchez's investiture, we will continue to exercise a firm, coherent and sense of state opposition”.
He regrets that this week has been confirmed what Pablo Casado has long denounced, "that the lack of reforms is passing a very important bill to Spain, that the economy is slowing down and that decisions must be taken as soon as possible".
"The worst July in terms of job creation since 2008 shatters the electoral promise of Pedro Sánchez, which is already wet paper," he insists.
"Faced with the reformist paralysis and the inability of the left to unlock this situation, the PP is demonstrating with facts that where it governs things work," he emphasizes.
“Andalusia is the perfect example that the reformist impulse of Juanma Moreno suits all Andalusians. Today the Andalusian economy is growing faster than the Spanish one, it exports more than ever, business confidence has increased and it is the second fastest autonomous community in payment to suppliers. Andalusia today is synonymous with stability and trust, ”he concludes.

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