El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos

It shows the "support" of the Popular Party to farmers and ranchers who "have said enough" before the "abandonment" of the Government of Sanchez in these moments so complex for the Spanish countryside

The Secretary General of the UGT responds that “it is time to rectify and apologize to the farmers who demonstrated yesterday”, after their “inadmissible declarations” with which, in their opinion, this union is increasingly moving away from citizenship and of the Spanish countryside.

It demands the Government “to give the battles that nobody understands that it has not given in the last months”, both in the European institutions and in Washington for the tariff crisis.

Ensures that the PP is on the side of the primary sector and will fight in the Cortes so that "the Government puts the batteries" and work in defense of our field and fair prices.

He criticizes that Sánchez "looks the other way instead of acting" in defense of Spain's interests.

Transfer to Malaga farmers and ranchers who have an ally in the PP who will always keep their hands out and a fluid dialogue to bring their concerns to the Congress of Deputies. "We will battle with them so that their interests are heard," he says.

He regrets the departure from the United Kingdom of the "common house" that is Europe and urges Sanchez to work in defense of the Spanish citizens who reside there, of the general interests with respect to Gibraltar, and that guarantees are offered to the British living in Spain.

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