El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos

Expresses the "most absolute respect" of the Popular Party to the decision of Juan Carlos I, as well as to the judicial decisions and the presumption of innocence

He recalls that "Pablo Iglesias is vice-president of the Government because Sánchez has wanted to do so" and criticizes that yesterday Moncloa sent "contradictory messages" since he said "one thing in a statement and Iglesias another thing on social networks."

He urges Sánchez to defend the Head of State from attacks that come from his own cabinet and assures that King Felipe "is the best brand in our country."

It highlights the “determining and indelible role” of the King Emeritus in the construction of Spanish democracy.

"Today Spain is freer, more democratic and stronger as a nation thanks to the key role of King Juan Carlos in the Transition," he says.

In the face of attacks from the Government itself, Don Juan Carlos and his contribution in an “exemplary transition in which everyone knew how to put aside their differences so that today we enjoy more freedom and more rights” claim.

"The PP calls for unity around King Felipe VI and the Constitution and claims the institutions," he says.

He advocates supporting "today more than ever" the constitutional monarchy "that has allowed forging this Spain of free and equal citizens."

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