El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos

He denounces the "extremely high cost" that having a "disappeared and dumb Government, which is not up to the circumstances and which does not take the outstretched hand of the PP, which has been presenting measures in tourism and legal matters"

After imposing a quarantine on travelers from Spain in the United Kingdom, the popular vice-secretary affirms that "the improvisation of the Government takes its toll": "We have the worst executive in the most complex situation"

"There are many Spaniards and Andalusians who are raising their hands to their heads before a government that does nothing and wondering what the Sánchez ministers are applauding and why the Executive is not coordinating the CCAA in the face of outbreaks," he says.

Bet on measures to act against the outbreaks, that we do not return to the state of alarm, the CCAA know what to do "clearly", can be confined to part of the population and, if necessary, have a single command

Remember that the PP always reaches out to the Government to save lives, take the necessary measures to revive the economy and generate confidence and certainty abroad

Criticizes the Sánchez government "is washing its hands in the face of immigration and not assuming its powers"

It affects that the PP will continue exercising a firm and responsible opposition, proposing initiatives in the Cortes and denouncing what the Executive does not do well

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