Montesinos denounces that the four vice-presidencies of the new Government is the “example of waste that will be represented by the Executive of Sánchez e Iglesias”, because it has “more advisers and senior positions”

"What would be being said today if Casado had to form a government and announced four vice presidencies with all that that entails?" He asks.

He stresses that the Supreme Court has returned today to “put things in their place” after their decision to maintain the disqualification of Junqueras, so that “reason, the rule of law and the separation of powers” ​​prevail again.

He assures that the PP will defend the general interest in the institutions and for this it will present motions throughout Spain so that the territorial barons of the PSOE are portrayed.

Invites Page to sign the motion that the PP will present in the Parliament of Castilla-La Mancha.

He regrets that, while the independentists are already talking about self-determination or amnesty, the socialists "keep bowing their heads."

He affirms that in the PP "all constitutionalists and all those who do not understand that Sanchez is agreeing with those who want to annihilate institutions" fit.

He says that "the whole PP is clear" that Sanchez has chosen "the worst for Spain, the worst route and the worst partners" and that he will exercise a "firm, responsible and state-run" opposition.

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