El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos

He affirms that in the face of the "failed model" of the Sánchez and Iglesias coalition government, "there is the model that works: that of the PP, that of sensible and moderate policies."

He stresses that yesterday "it was a good night" for the PP and it was clear that the Feijóo model, which is the one that Casado wants to implement throughout Spain from La Moncloa, "has been awarded by the citizens of Galicia."

He assures that the electoral success of the "Feijóo-Casado tandem" in Galicia will be the "prelude" to a great result at the national level and affirms that "the PP is the home of citizens who want managers like Feijóo, Moreno or Fernández Mañueco".

He emphasizes that the PP is a "moderate, open and transversal party, it is the center-right house where most of the Spanish fit in."

Congratulations to Alberto Núñez Feijóo and to all the Galicians because they will continue to have a government focused on real concerns, moderate and with a clear roadmap that is to advance in the economic recovery.

Remember that Carlos Iturgaiz "took the reins of the Basque PP in a complex context" and despite everything "has made a positive bell and focused on real problems."

He urges Sánchez to reflect on whether the strength of Bildu, who has not yet condemned the ETA murders, is because he has approved them as an interlocutor.

He points out that the PP has asked the Sánchez government to coordinate the actions against the outbreaks of the coronavirus with the autonomous communities and to implement a "plan B" with the current legal system.

He affirms that the PP “will be at the side of the Government” to take life-saving measures and recalls that the Sánchez Executive has the institutional loyalty of the communities that govern the popular ones.

He calls on the Government of Spain to speak with the PP within the framework of the Reconstruction Commission to reach agreements on health matters.

He underlines that the PP continues with a outstretched hand and "Pablo Casado's mandate to Ana Pastor is clear: try to reach state agreements with the Government."

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