El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos

  • “Sánchez has not rectified, has not apologized. The only thing he has done in today's appearance has been to attack the main opposition party, "says the PP's Deputy Secretary for Communication
  • It demands the Prime Minister to dedicate himself to managing, instead of attacking the PP, because "the enemy is the virus, not the PP" and to attend to the plan to activate Spain that Pablo Casado has proposed. "When he listens to the PP and rectifies, he is right. Get it right by not giving up on the tourist season. It is correct, although it is late, when declaring national mourning ”
  • He denounces that, in addition to "systematically lying", Sánchez has agreed with those who do not condemn terrorism the repeal of a labor reform that has created 3 million jobs and that protects the ERTE for 4 million families "
  • “It doesn't even matter what our European partners think. In Europe today they must be horrified to see that the Government intends, together with Bildu, to overturn one of the key reforms to guarantee competitiveness and job creation ”
  • He criticizes that the Prime Minister has not given "the slightest coherent explanation" about the "monumental crisis" within his Government
  • "From the PP we will continue to exercise a strong and responsible opposition. Presenting proposals, denouncing everything that the Government is not doing well. Our loyalty is to the Spanish and, unfortunately, we have a president who is not up to the task, "he concludes.

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