• Bet on creating an “administrative highway” that facilitates the creation of business projects for young people

The Deputy Secretary of Communication of the Popular Party and candidate for Malaga to the Congress of Deputies, Pablo Montesinos, said today that the PP "is the party of young people because it is the party that generates more employment and opportunities."

“As much as other formations intend to attribute that role, the PP is the only party that truly addresses the concerns and needs of young people, always focused on achieving a better future in which there are no lack of job opportunities and better access to housing ”, Said the popular leader during a meeting with young people in a bar in the Plaza de la Merced where he has been accompanied by the Andalusian president of New Generations, Kike Rodriguez, and by the provincial president, Loli Caetano.

In this sense, the candidate for the Lower House has guaranteed that access to housing will be a priority when the PP reaches the Government. “Being able to emancipate and find a home has become a challenge for young people due to high prices and job insecurity; and it is something that we must face from the first minute of the legislature, ”he stressed.

Specifically, it has opted, among other measures, for the creation of new housing with affordable prices for rental and lease insurance. "If we manage to put these measures in motion, together with the improvement of job creation, I am convinced that accessing a home will be easier for any young person in our country," he said.

Likewise, another of the segments in which the PP wants to focus its government action is on the promotion of entrepreneurship, “where the role of young people is fundamental”. To this end, Montesinos has announced the creation of an “administrative highway” that simplifies the creation of companies with the objective that all the procedures can be done telematically through a single window that facilitates the presentation of documents.

"In addition, we will extend the flat rate to three years for freelancers under thirty years," said the head of Communication of the popular nationwide.

“Together we can achieve all this; together we can move from the paralysis of the Pedro Sánchez PSOE to the impulse of the PP of Pablo Casado. Every time we are more, thanks to the impulse of all those young people who want more and better opportunities ”, he concluded.

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