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  • He considers "extremely striking" that "at this time, no socialist leader has denounced loudly and clearly what is happening in Spain and that it says enough is enough."
  • “Where there is a socialist territorial baron or a deputy in Congress who tells Sánchez that he cannot agree to the sale of Spain; that the territorial model that emanates from the Constitution cannot agree with the independentistas ”.
  • He points out that in full Christmas holidays, on a Saturday, so that no one would find out, the Malaga Socialist deputies endorsed Sanchez to agree with the Catalan independence workers. "Is there no deputy of the PSOE of Andalusia who is against what Sanchez is doing?" He asks.
  • He says that "the complicit silence of the socialist barons is one to Sanchez's plans, but they are in time to stop it."
  • After knowing the PSOE Government program with United We can, Montesinos sends a message of hope optimism to the Spanish and ensures that “the PP will live up to the circumstances which means that we will act as a retaining wall in the face of the excesses of Sanchez. "
  • "The PP will not consent to constitutional or statutory reforms that go against national equality and unity," says Montesinos, who emphasizes that "we will continue with the parliamentary and legal offensive to defend the general interest."
  • On an economic page, "Sanchez is going to return us to Zapatero's worst years and tries to end all the structural reforms that allowed the economic recovery of Spain and there will be the PP".
  • He affirms that “Pedro Sánchez has agreed to sell Spain”, his partners are already sliding, with whom he has agreed. Remember that we still need to know what you have agreed with ERC.
  • He denounces that Sanchez would not answer the questions of the journalists and adds that "the journalists yesterday were taken from Sanchez's appearance and had to stay in the halls or in their work booths."
  • He adds that "he does not want to answer the questions of journalists because he does not want to show what he is willing to get in order to continue in La Moncloa, which is to go beyond all the red lines of the most opaque negotiation in history."
  • He explains that "the lords of the PNV are not the interlocutors to talk about Navarra" and asks "where is Navarrese socialism".
  • He reiterates that the PP will always be there to propose State agreements. "Of course, we will always defend national unity and we will be there to agree to tax cuts but not to agree to tax axes such as those proposed by Sánchez," he says.
  • Sanchez had another way, to dialogue and negotiate with Citizens and there was also Navarra Suma, "but he didn't want to, he already had his plans."
  • "The PP has always made it clear that together we are stronger," says Montesinos, while adding that "if the right center had been united, today the political context would have been very different."

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