El vicesecretario de Comunicación, Pablo Montesinos, en rueda de prensa


  • Montesinos responds to Sánchez that the "socialist minister" Dolores Delgado is not independent and that her appointment constitutes a "scandal", which is the worst possible decision because it strikes the independence of the Judiciary "for a political objective."
  • He points out that this proposal is an "insult to impartiality", which has the rejection of the judicial world and ensures that it cannot be "both judge and party."
  • He warns that the PP will exercise "an opposition of proposals and not protests." "We are not going to remain silent," says Montesinos, who announces that his party has asked for Sanchez's appearance in Congress for the appointment of Delgado.
  • He emphasizes that the PP has a clear position regarding the renewal of the CGPJ: “that the judges choose the judges”.
  • He stresses that "Sánchez's word is worthless" after Delgado's proposal as Attorney General and his intention to meet with the disabled Torra.
  • He describes the Sanchez Executive as the “two-headed and wasteful government” to “place socialists and communists” and that “will be nourished by the fiscal ax that is prepared in the Council of Ministers”.
  • It exemplifies the waste of the new Executive in the image of the former Minister of Health, María Luisa Carcedo, who assumed in a portfolio the three that Pablo Iglesias, Salvador Illa and Alberto Garzón now occupy.
  • He regrets that Sanchez has lost the opportunity to put Torra in his place today and says that he has nothing to talk to him and that all he would have to say is "pack your bags and leave."
  • He assures that the Spaniards do not deserve a meeting with Torra, who is disabled. "We demand that the Government, instead of paddling in favor of the separatists, defend that in Europe there are no sanctuaries for escapees from justice," he emphasizes.

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