Pablo Montesinos en Málaga

The Deputy Secretary of Communication of the Popular Party ensures that citizens need "a responsible government, which runs away from the green shoots of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, from that optimism that is not real and that does not benefit the Spanish."

"We demand responsibility and that he take once and for all the outstretched hand of the Popular Party, that he listen to the economic proposals that Pablo Casado has presented in the Cortes Generales."

"If Sánchez returns to moderation and centrality, the Popular Party will be there with his hand outstretched to reach economic agreements for the benefit of all Spaniards."

After knowing the appointment of Calviño to the Presidency of the Eurogroup, he points out that the PP defends "a strong Spain in the European institutions" despite the fact that the PSOE opposed the appointment of Miguel Arias Cañete as European commissioner or that he criticized Luis de Guindos before being vice president of the ECB.

"We are not like the Socialist Party. We like that there are Spaniards in the European institutions, that is what sets us apart. We will always defend the general interest of Spain both in Europe and in international institutions ”.

He describes the proposal by Pablo Iglesias known as a tax on the wealthy as an "ideological tax" and highlights that, after the PSOE's refusal, it has been shown that there are several governments in the same Council of Ministers.

"If Pedro Sánchez listens more to Pablo Casado and less to Pablo Iglesias, all Spaniards will do better."

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